Main Street Shootouts

Main Street Shootouts

Come along with the Deadwood Alive Gunslingers as they track down some trouble.

Experience the melee of free, historically accurate reenactments of Deadwood’s unusual gunfights and affrays with Deadwood Alive. You can find our daily activities schedule by clicking here.

Three times a day, six days a week, (no killin' on Sundays) gunshots ring out on Deadwood's Historic Main Street during the summer. Don't fret none though, it's just the Deadwood Alive gunslingers comin' out to play. Each street performance is realistic; fun for the whole family and FREE!

 May 22 - September 21, 2021

  • 2:00PM – The Strange Case of David Lunt - See one of the strangest shootings in Deadwood’s early history. David Lunt made his way to Deadwood to make his fortune in the gold fields. Little did he know, he would leave his mark on Deadwood history in a saloon, and not in a sluice box. Sixty-seven days after the incident, things came to a surprising end for old David Lunt.
  • 4:00PM – Showdown on Gold Street - Two gamblers disagree about the outcome of a poker game and decide the best way to settle this is to pull their six guns and shoot it out. Things don't go as either gambler expected, and the result is a Deadwood legend. Come watch this “shootout at high noon” (well, it’s noon somewhere) and see who comes out on top.
  • 6:00PM – Boone May and Prescott Webb Affray - Shotgun messenger and head hunter, Boone May, catches up with the men who robbed the stagecoach he was guarding a few short weeks back. Boone May and Ike Goldman are strolling down the street when…who does Ike see in front of them, but the same three robbers from just a couple weeks prior. Witness how many shots are exchanged with an unusual outcome.

In addition to the Main Street shootouts, the shooting of James Butler “Wild Bill” Hickok is held daily inside Saloon No.10 at 1:00PM, 3:00PM, 5:00PM and 7:00PM

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