Street Closures

During special events, Deadwood’s Main Street is closed to traffic and to some of the Deadwood Alive events. Below is a schedule of events and streets that are affected.

Wild Bill Days 
9am: Thursday, June 15th from Deadwood-Pine Street
Reopen Saturday, June 17th at 10 pm
2pm: Thursday, June 15th Wall to Deadwood Street
Reopen Sunday, June 18th at 2 am

GWRRA Parade
8pm-9pm: Saturday, June 24th Tin Lizzie to Pine Street

Fourth of July Parade
3pm-4pm: Tuesday, July 4th Tin Lizzie to end of Main Street/ Hwy 14A

3-Wheeler Rally Show and Shine
11am-2pm: Saturday, July 15th Wall to Lee Street

Days of 76 Parade
1pm-3pm: Friday, July 28th Tin Lizzie to Pine Street
10-Noon: Saturday, July 29th Tin Lizzie to Pine Street

Sturgis Rally Bike Parking
History & Information Center/Interpretive Lot (Bikes Only)
Friday,  Aug 4rd- Sunday, Aug 13th

Kool Deadwood Nites
2pm: Wednesday, Aug 23rd Wall to Deadwood Street
Reopen: Sunday, Aug 27th at 2am
5pm-10pm: Thursday, Aug 24th Siever Street
2pm-10pm: Thursday, Aug 24th Deadwood to Pine Street
Interpretive lot: 2am Thursday, Aug 24th
Reopen Sunday, Aug 27th 2pm
3pm-10pm Friday & Saturday, Aug 25th & 26th Deadwood to Pine Street

Kool Deadwood Nites Parade
9am-11am: Sunday, Aug 27th Tin Lizzies to Pine Street
Show and Shine
After Parade until 2pm: Wall-Pine Street

Mustang Rally
9am-1pm: Thursday, Aug 31st Wall to Deadwood Street

Cannonball Run
5pm-8pm: Friday, Sept 8th Wall to Deadwood Street-0-0

Deadwood Jam
Interpretive Lot: Thursday, September 14th from 8 am through Sunday, September 17th at 3 pm

9am-6pm Saturday, September 30th Wall to Deadwood Street